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Handcrafted Rum

Born in Belgrave

Second round

Barrel Investment

Looking for a unique investment opportunity? Look no further. We are excited to announce a second round of our successful barrel investment program. Learn more and invest today.

Australia's First

Hogo Rum Distillery

Most Killik Handcrafted Rum products feature prominent hogo characteristics. Hogo is what gives Killik its unique, complex & fruity flavour. But “what on Earth is a hogo”, you ask?

Originally a Jamaican style, hogo is an easily identifiable flavour which is the result of wild fermentation. It is commonly characterized by its potent, funky nose and taste. It can be very difficult to define and can vary wildly. In the case of Killik, it is often very fruity with strong aromas of tropical fruit, over-ripe banana, strawberry, and a distinct milkiness.

Killik Handcrafted Rum is proud to be the first Australian hogo rum distillery.




Distillery Door in Belgrave

Sitting right at the entrance of the serene Sherbrooke forest, Killik offers an experience like no other. Enjoy a meal, have a coffee, or expose yourself to an array of interesting rum, local beer and cocktails.

Now Available

Killik Giftcards

Looking for a great gift idea? Why not an awesome rum & gin experience at our distillery door in Belgrave!

Gift cards redeemable online and on-location at our distillery door.